2nd prize for a new elementary school, kindergarten and a pedestrian bridge in Fleyvangur

TRÍPÓLÍ along with GS Teiknistofa and landscape architects Landslag have just won 2nd prize for a new elementary school, kindergarten and a pedestrian bridge in Fleyvangur, Reykjavík.


Dvergur nominated for the Icelandic Design Awards

The project "Dvergur" has just been nominated for "best place of the year" at the Icelandic Design Awards. It is a housing complex just south of Reykjavík, in the heart of the old town of Hafnarfjörður, with shops and services on ground floor.
The Icelandic Design Awards will take place in Gróska on November 9th.


1st prize for a new masterplan in Vestmannaeyjar

TRÍPÓLÍ have just received a 1st place in a competition for a new masterplan in Vestmannaeyjar islands.

The plan includes a variety of apartment buildings, rowhouses, single family houses, a kindergarten and a public park.


MArch Architecture graduation exhibition

Fifth year architecture students of Iceland University of the Arts are opening their graduation exhibition today in the old prison Hegningarhúsið on Skólavörðustígur, just across from our offices. Andri Gunnar has been one of their mentors through this semester.

We recommend everybody to go and see this first MArch graduation exhibition in Iceland.


1st prize for a new Odd Fellows building

We are proud to announce that TRÍPÓLÍ+KRADS, together with landscape architects Urbanlab Nordic have won the competition to design a new landmark building for The Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Urriðaholt, Iceland. The 3000m2 building will accommodate three large banquet halls, three conference halls, a library as well as various lounges, office- and workshop areas. Outside, the plaza and surrounding park will be accessible to the public, as integrated parts of the local community.


Laugavegur book chosen the best textbook of the year

The book project Laugavegur has just been chosen the best textbook of the year by Icelandic booksellers. The book takes readers through the building history of Reykjavík’s main street. Authors are Guðni Valberg and Anna Dröfn Ágústsdóttir. Published by Angústúra.


1st prize for a landmark building in Urriðaholt

TRÍPÓLÍ+KRADS are winners in the invited competition for a landmark residential building in Urriðaholt, Garðabær, Iceland.
The proposal was developed in collaboration with artist Egill Sæbjörnsson and landscape architects Landslag.
The project is currently being revisioned in order to adapt it to the current masterplan.


Competition for a bridge across Fossvogur inlet

Trípólí, along with their team, VSÓ, Buro Happold and Exploartions Architecture, are among six teams that have been preselected for a competition to design a bridge over Fossvogur inlet. The bridge is to improve transport links between Reykjavík and Kópavogur municipality and is intended to support eco-friendly transport options. The 270m long bridge will have cycling lanes and pedestrian walkways together with lanes for public transport.


Proposal for a redeveloped town centre of Hafnarfjörður

Trípólí have been working on a proposal for the Municipality of Hafnarfjörður of how to redevelop the town's old centre. The proposal suggests new mixed use buildings on empty lots and current parking lots, and introducing changes in street layout without removing any buildings.


Runner-up in an invited competition for mixed use development in Reykjavik

Trípólí was recently a runner-up in an invited competition for a 45.000 m2 mixed use development in Reykjavík. The site is known as "Orkuhússreitur" and is located in the centre of the Reykjavík area, surrounded by shops, services, and the Laugardalur valley.


Purchased entry in Prime minister’s offices competition

Today we received a “purchased entry” for our proposal of an extension to the 18th century Government house in Reykjavik, which houses the prime minister’s offices.

Gingerbread house competition

Trípólí and Krads receive a prize in the Gingerbread house competition arranged by the Association of Icelandic Architects with a laser cut section model of one of their houses in the Dvergur project in Hafnarfjörður.


Iceland Academy of the Arts graduation exhibition

Today the annual Iceland Academy of the Arts graduation exhibition by BA students in fine arts and design wiIl open at Kjarvalsstaðir Art Museum.

The architecture students, tutored by Andri Gunnar Lyngberg Andrésson, Anna María Bogadóttir and Kristján Örn Kjartansson, were to design a residency, within the town of Hveragerði in south of Iceland, that would offer a living, working, and exhibition space for artists.

The exhibition will run until May 13th.


“Runners up” exhibition opening

An exhibition of architectural ideas which were runners up in architectural competitions for well-known buildings in Iceland is opening at the headquarters of Arion Bank today, as a part of DesignMarch.

The exhibition is intended to highlight architecture, different options and alternative futures, how things could have been. The exhibition spans 80 years in the history of Icelandic architecture, with works from many of Iceland's leading architects. The exhibition is co-curated with historian Anna Dröfn Ágústsdóttir and architect Guðni Valberg, the authors of the book Reykjavík sem ekki varð, about alternative Reykjavik, published in 2014 to great acclaim.

The exhibition will run until May 18th.


1st prize for a mixed use development in Hafnarfjörður

Trípólí in collaboration with Krads and Landmótun receive 1st prize for a mixed use development in Hafnarfjörður town.


1st prize for a mixed use development by the old harbour in Reykjavik.

Trípólí in collaboration with Basalt, Krads and PKdM receive first prize in a competition for a new 28.000 m2 mixed use development by the old harbour in Reykjavik.


Honorable mention for a student dormitory

Trípólí in collaboration with Krads receive an honorable mention for a proposal for an extension to the oldest Student dormitory in Reykjavik, "Gamli Garður".


Trípólí lecture at Harpa concert hall

Trípólí will give a lecture next Tuesday in Harpa concert hall. We will talk along with design studios "Alvara" and "Studio Kleina" about starting our own business after graduation.


Parliament office building award

Last Saturday we received a "purchased entry" award for our proposal of a new office building for the Icelandic Parliament.


New Trípólí offices

We have moved our offices to a spacious and bright workspace with a nice view over the National Theater in downtown Reykjavik. We have also just launched a new Instagram account.


Trípólí talk about Skeifan on Channel 2

Guðni and Jón Davíð from Trípólí were interviewed about the future of the Skeifan district on Channel 2 program "Ísland í Dag".


3rd Prize for a mosque in Reykjavik

Trípólí just received 3rd prize in a competition for a new mosque in Reykjavík.


Food Hall at Hlemmur

Trípólí has recently made proposals for the City of Reykjavík to rethink the usage of the main bus station in Reykjavík, Hlemmur. The new proposed usage is a food hall with small restaurants and shops.


Exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum

The project “Hæg Breytileg átt” or “Slowly Changing Course” will today open an exhibition in the Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús, as a part of DesignMarch 2015.


“Reykjavík sem ekki varð” book project

The book project “Reykjavík sem ekki varð” (Alternative Reykjavik) has now been published by Crymogea. Trípólí congratulates Guðni and Anna on their beautiful work.


“Hæg breytileg átt” housing development project

Trípólí has been collaborating with few good friends as “Rúðuborg” on the future development of “Skeifan”, a vast underutilized commercial and industrial area in the heart of Reykjavík City . The Project is a part of “Hæg breytileg átt” or “Slowly Changing Course”, a new housing development project conducted by Aurora Design Fund, City Council of Reykjavik, Federation of Icelandic Industries, Iceland Design Centre, four major Icelandic Housing Associations and the Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Trípólí among Nordic Built Challenge finalists

Trípólí is proud to be among the finalist in the Nordic Built Challenge, an open architecture competition, initiated by the Nordic ministers for trade and industry, to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts and energy efficient solutions for the existing and future building stock.


Second prize for two pedestrian bridges

TRÍPÓLÍ receive second prize in a competition for two pedestrian bridges over the River Elliðaár in Reykjavík.