About the office

Trípólí is an Iceland-based architectural office established by architects Andri Gunnar Lyngberg Andrésson, Guðni Valberg, and Jón Davíð Ásgeirsson.

Their partnership began when the trio graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Soon it developed into an international collaboration as the three exchanged ideas and participated in architectural competitions while studying and working in Zürich, Aarhus, and Oslo – hence the name Trípólí.

The office is engaged in all aspects of architecture and urban design and is working on projects of all sizes – ranging from masterplans to single family houses – parallel with research, writing, curating, and lecturing.

Trípólí’s approach is rooted in research and theory, and we rely on continual dialogue with experts and consultants, across various backgrounds and professional fields, in every stage of the design process.

The office’s goal is to take an innovative and considered approach to form, structure, and material, in addition to a sensitivity and respect for the character of each unique place. Instead of adhering to a particular architectural style or dogma, we aim to make work that is contemporary yet rooted in its historical, social, environmental, and economical context.


Andri Gunnar Lyngberg Andrésson arch. ETH, FAÍ

| +354 867 2867

Guðni Valberg arch. FAÍ

| +354 822 9070

Jón Davíð Ásgeirsson arch. FAÍ

| +354 692 9883


Ágúst Skorri Sigurðsson BA arch.

| +354 519 2939

Hlín Blöndal BA arch.

| +354 519 2930

Ellert Björn Ómarsson BA arch.

| +354 519 2930


Skólavörðustígur 16, 101 Reykjavík Iceland

| tel: 519-2930